Privacy Policy

What information is collected and for what purpose?

Although you can browse through most of the ETF website without giving any information about yourself, in some cases, personal information is required in order to access the e-services you request. The information collected varies according to the e-service requested. Such information is treated according to the policy described in the Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 and is collected only to the extent necessary to provide the requested e-service.

Who has access to your information and how is it protected?

Within the ETF, only designated persons can access your data and they require a User ID and a password to do so. The data collected via this website will not be communicated to anyone outside the ETF.

How can you access your data?

You have no direct access to the stored data. If you wish to modify or delete any of the data you supplied, or if you have a question or request concerning this information, please send an e-mail to: to the attention of the contacts database manager.

How long do we keep your data?

All data received is stored as long as required to provide the e-services requested.

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